HealthShield™ Testimonials

"The overall quality is superior to other products, HealthShield works seamlessly with public institutions."

Howard C. Marks
Midland College

"We have now distributed nearly 300 HealthShields across our campus, and the reception to the product has been incredible. Everyone asks for more."

Dave Nowell
Campbell University

"Thank you for the great tri-fold shields, I'm sure I'll be referring people to you when they see my setup!"

Tanis Whitestone
Freelance Court Reporter

"The shields are working great, very easy to clean and move."

Pawel Siemion
Sub Zero Corporate Chef

"I am very impressed on the quality of the product... and the quick shipping was awesome."

Tim Bruch
Wisconsin DNR

"They're so nice, people
want me to get two more!"

Robert Pilkington
Village Green Virtual

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